Rescue Aid Paste 30 gm

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Rescue Aid is a specialized nutritional supplement designed to bolster immune function in horses. This product proves particularly beneficial for horses that have undergone stress, such as illness, transportation, severe climatic changes, or those recovering from antibiotic therapy. Enhanced with probiotics, Bio-Mos focuses on supporting gastrointestinal health and integrity, playing a vital role in overall animal nutrition and performance. GIPro3 targets harmful bacteria that may causes colic, diarrhea, and illness while protecting the beneficial bacteria population of the digestive tract. The inclusion of B-Vitamins enhances immune and nervous system function, stimulates appetite in sick animals, and promote cell growth, including that of red blood cells to prevent anemia.


  • Boosts immune health for horses under stress from illness, transportation, or climate changes
  • Great for horses recovering from antibiotic treatment
  • Bio-Mos probiotic
  • GIPro3 probiotic-proteobiotic to support the microbiome of the digestive tract
  • B-Vitamin profile to stimulate appetite in sick animals
  • Promotes red blood cell growth to prevent anemia
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