Robart Pinchless Gaited Horse Bit

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The Robart Pinchless Walking Horse Bit features a revolutionary design to enhance your horse’s gait featuring a pinchless swivel-free system. Ideal for horses struggling with pacing issues, it effectively captures the tongue and softens the lower jaw, encouraging a smoother gait by shortening the front stride. With a higher purchase compared to typical gated bits, it enables working off the corner of the mouth rather than directly on the jaw. Plus, the center ball design facilitates easier swallowing, promoting relaxation for your equine partner. Each Robart Pinchless Bit is equipped with an internal bushing, allowing independent movement on both sides to ensure accurate communication. Thanks to its non-locking joint, the risk of pinching the tongue or cheeks is eliminated, effectively averting gaping, head tossing, and excessive mouth movements commonly linked to stress and discomfort. A top choice for walking horses and other gaited breeds.


  • Designed for gaited horses struggling with pacing issues
  • Encourages smoother gait by shortening front stride
  • Center ball mouth allows horse to swallow easier, promoting relaxation
  • Swivel mouth allows for each side of the bit to move independently
  • Will not pinch tongue or cheeks
  • Prevents head tossing, gaping, and other negative behavior related to discomfort
  • Stainless steel
  • 5” mouth
  • 8 ½” shank
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