Robart Pinchless Sweet Iron Offset Dee Snaffle Bit

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The Pinchless Offset Dee Snaffle Bit from Robart is suitable for training young horses or transitioning horses to a new bit. The offset dee design provides lateral control and encourages the horse to respond to subtle rein cues. Each Robart Pinchless Bit is equipped with an internal bushing, allowing independent movement on both sides to ensure accurate communication. This thoughtful design eliminates the potential for pinching the tongue or cheeks, thereby preventing gaping, head tossing, and excessive mouth movements often associated with stress and discomfort. The sweet iron mouthpiece encourages the horse to salivate, promoting a softer and more responsive mouth. The sweet taste of the iron can encourage the horse to accept the bit more readily. Horses may be more willing to relax their jaw and seek contact with the bit. With the addition of copper inlay to the sweet iron mouthpiece, this promotes even more salivation, further softening the horse's mouth and encouraging acceptance of the bit.


  • Gentle snaffle mouth for young horses or as a transition bit
  • Offset dee provides lateral control and responsiveness
  • Sweet iron mouth encourages salivation
  • Promotes a softer more responsive mouth
  • Enhanced with copper inlay for increased acceptability
  • Swivel mouth allows for each side of the bit to move independently
  • Will not pinch tongue or cheeks
  • Prevents head tossing, gaping, and other negative behavior related to discomfort
  • Stainless steel
  • 5” mouth
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