Flat Cheek Wide Port Bit With Roller

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The Flat Cheek Wide Port Bit is an excellent choice for a variety of horses. The low and wide port design provides ample space for the horse's tongue, reducing pressure and discomfort, making it suitable for horses with sensitive mouths. The low port encourages the horse to relax its jaw, promoting better responsiveness to cues. The addition of the center roller has a pacifying affect promoting further relaxation and a happier horse. Horses with low palates or large tongues may benefit from a low wide port bit as it offers relief by allowing more room for the tongue to move freely. This unique swivel flat cheek bit is popular among western riders competing in ranch classes, trail, working cow horse events, and more.


  • Low wide port mouth
  • Encourages relaxed jaw for improved responsiveness
  • Center roller
  • Popular choice amongst ranch, trail, and cow horse competitors
  • Swivel mouth allows for each side of the bit to move independently
  • Will not pinch tongue or cheeks
  • Prevents head tossing, gaping, and other negative behavior related to discomfort
  • Stainless steel
  • 5” mouth
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