Tenda Fast Finish Paste 60 gm

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Fast Finish Paste from Tenda extends endurances and helps your horse finish strong. Fast Finish stands out as an all-natural energy source designed for high-performance equine athletes including race horses and horses in competition. Boasting a unique blend of ingredients, Fast Finish supports your horse during extended periods of effort and finishing with increased strength. This pre-event paste contains components that may assist in reducing lactic acid accumulation, alleviating muscle discomfort during strenuous exercise. Additionally, Fast Finish incorporates antioxidant-rich honey, promoting muscle health and enhancing oxygen uptake for your horses. Safe for use in all classes of horses and will not test.


  • Improves endurance and helps your horse finish strong
  • All-natural energy source
  • Ideal for race horses as well as performance horses
  • May help reduce lactic acid build-up
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Will not test
  • Palatable honey flavor
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