Atlas Prenatal-Plus For Mares & Foals

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Prenatal-Plus provides comprehensive support for the well-being of both mare and foal during crucial stages of pregnancy. Carefully formulated with a balance of essential amino acids, vitamins, and chelated minerals, Prenatal-Plus supports optimal fetal growth and development. Chelated minerals promote elevated absorption rates which provide a multitude of benefits. Some of the many advantages are higher conception rates, normal heat cycles, proper fetal development, skeletal growth, and bone development. Additionally, they aid in the formation of tendons, ligaments, and joints of foals while also supporting increased fertility in mares. The product further ensures the maintenance of viable pregnancies with a notable emphasis on achieving high colostrum and milk yield. Key components such as lysine, methionine, and threonine contribute to protein quality and quantity. For best results, it is recommended to start feeding Prenatal Plus 60-90 days prior to breeding, providing your mare with the necessary nutritional support at conception for a healthy foal's future. Trust Prenatal-Plus to give your mare and foal the essential nutrients they need for a thriving and healthy start.


  • Provides essential nutrients for mare health and fetal development
  • Proper formation of joints, tendons, and ligaments of foals
  • Optimal bone and skeletal growth
  • High colostrum and milk yield
  • Increased fertility and conception rates
  • Promotes normal mare heat cycles
  • Begin 60-90 days prior to breeding for best results
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