Elite Nutrition Foal Starter Kit

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The Elite Nutrition Foal Starter Kit was created to ensure the optimal growth and well-being of your foal. Includes a five pack of A.S.A.P. tubes that provide an immunity boost through a probiotic and prebiotic blend for newborn foals. Ideal for foals with scours or those not thriving. One tube of Foal Mineral blend is included, which supports strong bone and joint development. The Foal Starter Kit also includes a five pack of Electro Boost EQ which is great to have on hand to make sure your foal stays properly hydrated. Lastly, a bottle of Dry Out is included that can be used to clean the naval area after foaling. This pack is an all-in-one solution to prepare your foal for a great start.


  • All-inclusive kit to support newborn foals
  • A.S.A.P. provides immunity boost through prebiotics and probiotics
  • Supports strong bone and joint development
  • Electro Boost EQ for proper hydration
  • Dry Out for cleaning and drying out the naval area after foaling
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