Short Shank Snaffle Bit Copper Wrapped

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The Short Shank Snaffle Bit with Copper Wrapped Mouth is a great choice for training or transitioning into a shank bit. It features a copper-wrapped mouthpiece that promotes salivation, encouraging a more responsive and relaxed horse. The copper's pleasant taste helps the horse accept the bit more readily. The short shanks provide moderate leverage, offering greater control without being overly harsh, making it ideal for refining the horse's response to rein aids. The single-jointed snaffle mouthpiece applies pressure to the horse's bars and tongue, encouraging flexion at the poll and effective communication.


  • Short shank black iron snaffle
  • Perfect for schooling or transitioning into a shank bit
  • Copper wrapped mouth
  • Encourages salivation and acceptance for a more responsive, relaxed horse
  • Shank provides moderate leverage
  • 5 inch
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