Dac CMZ Colt Builder Paste 60 gm

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Dac CMZ Colt Builder Paste delivers essential vitamins and minerals crucial for young horses undergoing skeletal growth challenges. These vital nutrients play a pivotal role in various metabolic functions such as reproductive health, bone development, nerve and immune functions, as well as enhancing hoof, skin, coat quality, and energy balance. The inclusion of chelated trace minerals improves the absorption rate of key minerals, ensuring optimal utilization. Young horses deficient in these minerals can experience reduced growth rate as well as bone diseases or limb deformities. Copper and manganese are important in the formation and maintenance of connective tissues as well as cartilage. Organic selenium and zinc support optimal growth rate and overall vitality. The addition of the probiotic Bio-Mos feeds the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, aiding in healthy digestion and proper nutrient absorption. CMS Colt Builder Paste is ideal for foals 3 months of age up to weanlings and yearlings.


  • Provides essential nutrients for young horses with skeletal growth challenges
  • Supports optimal growth rate
  • Promotes strong, healthy bones and connective tissue
  • Aids in a healthy digestive system for maximum nutrient uptake
  • Chelated trace minerals
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