Robart Pinchless Long Shank Snaffle Bit

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The Robart Pinchless Training Bit features a versatile long shank snaffle design that is an excellent choice for many disciplines. This bit is a popular choice for young horses transitioning into a shanked bit and also for light mouthed horses. The innovative Robart Pinchless swivel free adjustable system offers a customizable fit for your horse with easy adjustment by rotating the shanks until reaching the desired size. Unlike traditional bits, these do not unscrew, boasting an internal stop mechanism for added security. Ideal for both trail riding and performance activities, particularly after transitioning from a snaffle, it provides increased leverage while maintaining comfort. Engineered to eliminate the risk of pinched cheeks and tongues while reducing tension, this bit incorporates an internal bushing allowing smooth movement of the center joint.


  • Long shank training snaffle
  • Ideal for young horses transitioning to shanked bit
  • Swivel free adjustable design
  • Swivel mouth allows for each side of the bit to move independently
  • Will not pinch tongue or cheeks
  • Ideal for transitioning from snaffle bit to ported bit
  • Prevents head tossing, gaping, and other negative behavior related to discomfort
  • Stainless steel
  • 5” mouth
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