Robart Pinchless Reiner Bit

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The Pinchless Reiner is one of Robart's most popular bits and is an excellent choice for horses requiring tongue relief. With its curved forward mouthpiece and medium port, this bit provides optimal tongue relief, promoting relaxation in the horse's mouth and facilitating better control. It incorporates Robart's patented design, allowing each side to move independently, enhancing communication between rider and horse. Ideal for transitioning from a snaffle to a ported bit, the Reiner offers a balanced combination of comfort and control, making it a valuable tool for riders seeking versatility and responsiveness in their equine partners. With the addition of copper inlay to the mouthpiece, this promotes even more salivation, further softening the horse's mouth and encouraging acceptance of the bit.


  • Medium wide port mouth for tongue relief
  • Curved forward shape for added comfort
  • Swivel mouth allows for each side of the bit to move independently
  • Will not pinch tongue or cheeks
  • Ideal for transitioning from snaffle bit to ported bit
  • Prevents head tossing, gaping, and other negative behavior related to discomfort
  • Stainless steel
  • 5” mouth
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