Buckeye Prestige 3-Piece Half Cheek Snaffle With Roller

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The Buckeye Prestige Half Cheek Bit features a 3-piece jointed design to reduce pinching and improving overall comfort to your driving horse. The 3-piece design allows for independent movement of each side of the bit, providing increased flexibility and allowing for more precise communication with the horse. This can help in refining cues and improve maneuverability. The addition of a roller in the center piece of the bit provides a soothing and pacifying effect on the horse's mouth, encouraging relaxation and acceptance of the bit. The rolling action of the roller also encourages salivation, which helps to keep the horse's mouth moist and supple, reducing discomfort and promoting a more responsive connection between horse and driver.


  • 3-piece snaffle mouth
  • Each side of bit moves independently for precise direction
  • Design reduces pinching
  • Center roller pacifies and encourages acceptance of the bit
  • Buckeye Bits are designed by an equine dentist
  • Lifetime guarantee against breaking
  • Available in stainless steel or sweet iron mouth
  • Available size: 4 ¾”
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