Atlas Natural Small Livestock Dewormer 14 oz

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The Natural Small Livestock Dewormer is a proprietary herbal-based blend for use when evidence of internal parasites are suspected. If your livestock is experiencing weight or appetite loss, dull haircoat, or diarrhea these may be an indicator. Safe for use on a wide variety of livestock including alpacas, deer, donkeys, goats, pigs, rabbits, and sheep.


  • All natural dewormer formula
  • Ideal for animals in poor condition, experiencing appetite loss, or diarrhea
  • Proprietary blend of herbal charcoals, diatomaceous earth, MSM, and unrefined salts
  • Safe for use in most small livestock species

Instructions:Dose according to weight. Give recommended daily amount for 14 days with regular diet. Re-treat every 2 months. Reseal after each use and store in cool dry place. Enclosed is a 1 gram scoop. 1 scoop per 50 lbs of body weight. 5-49 lbs of body weight provide a 1/2 scoop per dose.

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