Dac Orange Superior Multi-Vitamin

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Dac Orange Superior provides a well-rounded vitamin and mineral profile tailored for all working horses, broodmares, and stallions. Essential for metabolism, growth, reproductive health, and immunity, selenium serves as a potent antioxidant, preventing tissue damage from fatty acid oxidation. Orange Superior utilizes organic chelated minerals which are more easily absorbed and retained compared to inorganic forms. Fortified with B-vitamins and essential amino acids to support healthy skin, coat, and hooves. Enhanced with GIPro3 – an exclusive multi-strain probiotic and proteobiotic. GIPro3 targets harmful bacteria that may causes colic, diarrhea, and illness while protecting the beneficial bacteria population of the digestive tract. Dac Orange Superior is an excellent choice to support the overall health of your horse.


  • Provides essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to support overall health
  • Ideal for working horses, broodmares, and stallions
  • Organic chelated minerals for easy absorption
  • Essential amino acids and b-vitamins
  • Supports hoof, coat, and skin quality
  • Enhances immunity, metabolism, and reproductive health
  • GIPro3 probiotic-proteobiotic to support the microbiome of the digestive tract
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