Dac Bright + Accent Shampoo

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Bright + Accent Shampoo is brilliance in a bottle! Creates a stunning show ring finish by bringing out brighter whites, shiny highlights, and silvery greys. Features an optical brightener that absorbs UV light, making whites appear even brighter and colors more vibrant. Its potent stain-fighting blend and lighteners effectively lift stubborn stains. This formula brightens through four pathways, employing enzymatic action to target the most difficult manure, grass, and urine stains. Moreover, this shampoo features ingredients such as glycerin for moisture balance, aloe vera extract to prevent sun fading and enhance hair nutrients, lignin acting as a broad-spectrum sunblock, beta carotene as an antioxidant promoting hair growth, and Vitamin C for shine enhancement and color retention. This combination ensures not only an ultra-clean horse, but also enhances the natural vibrancy and brightness of your horse's mane, tail, and coat.


  • Gently and effectively cleans stubborn stains
  • Optical brightener that intensifies white markings
  • Moisturizes and shines the haircoat for a brilliant show-ready finish
  • Prevents sun fading
  • 32 oz
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