Recommended Horse Schedule

Recommended Horse Schedule
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Recommended Horse Schedule

Creating a proper daily schedule will help your horse’s overall well-being, health, and performance. Certain horses can vary adjustments depending on age, health, and activity level.

Many components go in to creating a routine:


Morning: Provide access to fresh water. Feed a balanced diet, including high-quality food, and any supplements recommended. Midday: Offer additional hay or pasture access

Evening: Repeat the morning feeding routine, ensuring they have proper nutrition for the night

Grooming Daily: Brush the horse to remove dirt, debris, and loose hair. Check any signs of skin issues or injuries.

Turnout Daily: Offer your horse turnout time in a safe pasture or paddock to promote natural movement, socialization, and mental well-being.

Exercise Regularly: Perform exercise routines like riding, lunging, or groundwork. The frequency and intensity of the exercise will vary for each horse.

Stall Maintenance Daily: Clean and bed the stall with clean, dry bedding. This will help prevent respiratory issues, skin problems, and provide a comfortable environment.

Water Access Throughout the Day: It is essential for your horse to have access to clean fresh water at all times.

Health Check Daily: Check for signs of discomfort, illness, or injury. Also, pay attention to changes in behavior, lameness, or abnormal body temperature.

Dental Care Regularly: Schedule routine dental check-ups to ensure proper health and efficient chewing.

Hoof Care Regularly: Schedule regular hoof trimming to maintain proper balance and enhance performance.

Bedtime Routine Evening: To keep the digestive system functional with a proper balance, provide access to hay overnight

Social Interaction Regularly:Allow horses to interact with each other. This will help their mental health well-being.

This schedule routine is a baseline of what can help with comfortability and performance from the horse. This can vary depending on the environment and access to certain areas/equipment. Kuhnekt has many great products that can help make your daily chores and horse care less stressful. Shop these top categories here: Horse Care Stall and Stable

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