Horse Collars

Horse Collars
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Horse Collars

Are you in need of a pulling collar for your horse? Well, you’re in luck! Kuhnekt offers amazing products that will suit you for all your needs. Let’s dive into these products to find out more about which one is the best fit for you! These collars serve various purposes depending on the type of collar.

The buggy or carriage collar: This collar has a high-quality grain leather back and rim with a chrome oil-tanned face. This will not absorb sweat and is stitched with heavy nylon thread (lockstitch). This product is available in sizes 9”-24” with a lever fastener top. The collars are part of a horse harness system designed for buggy driving. They distribute the weight of the load across the horse’s shoulders, allowing them to pull a carriage.

All-purpose collar: This collar is good for carriage and light work. It comes with high quality and top grain leather back and rim with chrome oil tanning facing that will not absorb sweat. It is stitched with heavy nylon thread with a lever fastener top. This product is a great Haflinger collar and is available in sizes 9”-24” in half Sweeney. This is designed for horses engaged in lighter work tasks, as opposed to heavy draft work. This is designed to be more comfortable for the horse while providing the necessary support.

These two trustworthy options are made by Coblentz Leather. They offer a wide range of handcrafted leather collars that are durable and stylish. These collars are featured on Kuhnekt’s website and can be shipped to your doorstep! Click this link to check out their product descriptions! Coblentz Leather

It’s important to note that collars should always have a proper fitting and adjustment to ensure the comfort and well-being of the horse. Improperly fitted collars can cause discomfort, chafing, or injury to the horse.

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