AllStar Equine Shock Armor I Hoof Pad Pair

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Introducing Shock Armor I from AllStart Equine, an advanced therapeutic hoof pad engineered to provide superior strength and support. With a robust 85-Duro rating and a design that accommodates both full and trimmed usage, Shock Armor I pads offer unparalleled versatility. Developed exclusively to absorb shock and minimize the impact on feet, muscles, and ligaments, this pad is ideal for a range of equine disciplines. From buggy horses to racehorses and show horses, Shock Armor I is tailored to address common issues such as heel bruising and quarter cracks, ensuring optimal comfort and performance for your equine companion. Experience the next level of protection and support with AllStar Equine hoof pads.


  • Superior shock absorbing and supportive hoof pads
  • Minimizes the impact on feet, muscles, and ligaments
  • Ideal for relieving discomfort associated with heel bruises and quarter cracks
  • Popular choice from racehorses to buggy horses
  • Sold in pairs
  • Dimensions: 7” long x 6” wide
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